About the Soulful Santero Site

The idea of my company’s trademark was inspired by a conversation with my best friend.

We talked about this not long after I was initiated a Santero in the Lucumi.

If I recall, he asked me what some of my dreams and aspirations for my life were.

He was also watching me during my “year in white” create tools and implements for my spirits. He knew some of those things took great time and attention, but that the quality of my work was good.

So he asked the million-dollar question: when are you going to start a business?

It was then that I started to daydream and imagine a furtue where I could have a business in addition to my day job. We talked a bit more and he also came up with “Soulful Santero” and it ranged true immediately and I haven’t looked back since.

And that’s just it; blessings seem to come when the right people see something in us that we don’t yet see ourselves. It has happened to me so many times at just the right moment throughout my life!

I continue to marvel at how Spirit leads us in this way.

I hope this story inspires you to follow your dreams, and your heart.