The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis is a native son of Albany, New York. He has been supporting the Christian ministry since 1996, and it was also during this time that he recognized the call from his ancestors growing louder. This led to discovering his ancestral home in the African-derived tradition of Lucumi and related practice of Espiritismo. These traditions established the ancestral connection and also taught a healthy reverence for all the forces of nature known as Orisha for The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis.

Life took on a new meaning, as he learned about his ancestors and spiritual birthright. Hoodoo is in his blood. For over 16 years, Aaron has found joyful fulfillment in working the roots while helping others.

By prayer, laying on of hands, and calling the Holy Spirit, The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis was made Bishop of The Renewal Church (TRC). During consecration, he recognized the Cyprianic spirit in the lineage of Cyprian of Antioch was omnipresent.

He is also a passionate student of the Solomonic and Greek Magical Papryi traditions.

The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis has developed curriculum and teaches on rootworking through The Blackthorne School, and mentors students on witchcraft and conjure via the White Witch Grimoire Mighty Networks platform.

A Spirit-let Project

‘Soulful Santero’ was inspired by a conversation I had with my best friend. Not long after I was initiated a Santero in the Lucumi, he asked me what some of my dreams and aspirations for my life were. He was also watching me during my “year in white” create tools and implements for my spirits and knew some of those things took great time and attention, but that the quality of my work was good. He then asked when I would start using my work in service of others.

It was then that I started to daydream a future where I could use my spirit-led work to help others on a global scale. Thus, “Soulful Santero” was born from a simple chat with my best friend. Isn’t it amazing that blessings seem to always come when the right people see something in us that we don’t yet see ourselves? I continue to marvel at how Spirit leads us in this way.

I hope this story inspires you to follow your dreams, and your heart.