Reading & Divination Methods


This form of divination originates from the Congo-derived system of Palo Mayombe, performed by casting four coconut shells to the ground and interpreting the fallen patterns. When I do this, I work with the spirits of the Dead and the Congo. It is important to know that, while a person’s queries are answered, the spirits may indicate other issues requiring attention.

Throwing Bones

Using bones, curios and hard herbs together for divination is a phenomena practiced across many indigenous cultures, as well as by Hoodoo practitioners. This style of reading gives a deep analysis of a situation or one’s life. Bones show many influences, challenges and blessings related to your inquiry. It is also more time-consuming, due to the interpretive process. This modality is especially conducive to more complex issues and problems.


The Lenormand oracle card system has its origins in French/European cartomancy. It uses simple and direct symbols to tell a story about the query, and can also point to possible solutions. Lenormand is also flexible and can be as simple or complex a reading as needed. It is important to know that Lenormand is not as speculative or open to symbolic interpretation as Tarot. With Lenormand, you get straightforward answers that cut through any confusion.


The traditional “divination of the sand” has origins in African, Arabic and European occult spirituality. The most modern version also draws heavily on Renaissance astrology. The 16 geomantic symbols comprising this system are deceptively complex in their meaning when aligned with the 12 traditional houses of astrology. The 16 Figures of Geomancy are also spirits themselves! Geomancy is habdy for seeing how spiritual forces act on the concrete areas of life. It offers potential remediation to re-live any challenges. I produce the figures of a reading using stones aligned to a spirit of divination.

Jack Ball

The jack ball is very much like a down home version of a pendulum. What distinguishes it from pendulums, however, is that a jack ball is also an extension of oneself. I usually utilize this tool in combination with one of the other aforementioned divination tools, but it can be used in stand-alone fashion. This is done by receiving simple yes/no answers through pre-determined swings. I often use this to confirm a result or outcome within a reading. It is possible to generate answers from the jack ball alone. It is also a great assistant in my spiritual workings.