The following services are based on Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis’ work with the modality of Hoodoo/Rootwork.

Hoodoo is an African American folk spirituality with primary foundations in Congolese, Protestant Christian and Indigenous Peoples’ spiritual traditions. As African Americans migrated around the US, it also adapted and absorbed aspects of Asian and European American folk spiritualities. It’s a solution-based system designed to preserve familial integrity and communal well-being.

The following workings are typically performed at a distance, meaning Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis completes the work on your behalf for your situation. You may also need to do minor adjunct work along with him on your end, but this tends to be uncommon.

Since he is a Santero and Espiritista, working with the Dead and spirits of the Congo form the core of his rootwork. They will guide, direct and advise him on your behalf to discover the path of least resistance for your situation.

Cases He Will NOT Take

  • Will not take reconciliation cases where there has been domestic violence, abuse or no communication for more than six months. If you do not possess personal concerns of your estranged partner/lover it will also decrease the effectiveness of the work.
  • Will not take last-minute cases, cases involving perpetrators of molestation, rape, murder or violence.
  • Will not take court case work where there is less than nine days to perform said work before the court appearance.
  • Will not take cases for petty interpersonal issues, jealousy or anything other than serious life circumstances (e.g. a victim of domestic violence reaching out for help with a stalking, abusive ex).

Important to Note 

Honesty about the facts and details of the situation also have a direct impact on the success of the working